Blue Lace Watson Soft Cup Wireless Bra


So I made another Watson bra and while I’m still not 100% impressed this fit better than my first one mainly because I’ve lost 10lbs since the first one and also this lace is firmer than the fabric I used on the first one. I did not use any kind of cup or cradle lining it is 100% lace. I am sold out of the blue you see here but I do have the red 12″ stretch lace in stock. It’s the same pattern. I got the entire bra out of 1 yard in a size 40DD.


In my previous post I had dyed matching bra closures (using my dyeable 3 hook closures) and matching bra straps and findings but I opted instead to use 2 pairs of pre made straps because the color matched much better.They were a little short so I connected two together. For elastic I used some royal blue 3/8″ finishing elastic from my stash and some of the bright royal blue 1/2″ picot elastic I stock in my etsy store.


Would I make another Watson? Not sure. If you follow the instructions exactly it doesn’t give the nicest interior finish. So some modifications need to be made. I think I need to follow in Clothing Engineers footsteps and try it with foam cups or altering to a more diagonal seamed look.

Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “Blue Lace Watson Soft Cup Wireless Bra

    • Natasha Estrada says:

      Adding underwires might not work because of the cradle but I think adding underwire channeling and putting channeling at the side seams might have a more supportive effect. I’ve been wearing mainly sports bras for the last few years so the lack of a nice shape doesn’t bother me so much but I do get a nicer profile a underwire bra or a more supportive soft cup.


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