Ikat Foam Cup Boyleston Bra


Now I’m settled into the new Arte Crafts office I was able to get some sample sewing done. My new office isn’t huge but there is room for a big cutting table and a dedicated table for my sewing machine so for my project sewn there I choose a foam cup bra. I used Orange Lingerie’s Boylston pattern.

I trimmed the seam allowances off the foam cups and sewed them together with a slightly less dense satin stitch as I posted previously. The fabric is a ikat print chintz. It has zero stretch. Originally I bought it from Downtown LA to make a top but the print has a flaw that would be more noticeable in a larger garment. So I thought it would make a pretty bra. The powernet, 1/2″ elastic and hook and eye I dyed a long time ago before I even sold bra making supplies. I used RIT dyes and you can see the stitching did not dye at all. (Almost all of the hooks I now stock dye all the way through thread and all)


The mix of different blues in this project made it hard to thread match and I changed colors part way through the project to have it match better. The bridge and cradle was lined with non stretch cup lining which I dyed to match using the same dye formula. The pattern only suggests lining the bridge but because I was using a woven I underlined the cradle also. This does affect the fit of the band so if you are doing this you need to lengthen the band to compensate for the reduced amount of stretch since the only stretch will come from the powernet.


Overall I’m pretty happy with the way this bra turned out however it is smaller (even compensating for the reduced stretch) than the Marlborough of the same size so that is something to consider also. The hook and eyes came out a little messy I need to resit down with my own post about sewing on bra back closures SUCCESSFULLY and follow them. I have been rushing to finish my last few bras just so I can get finished object applause and have been messing up the one skill I used to feel so confident about.


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