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I’ve moved to a fully fledged and hopefully prettier wordpress site hosted at I have so many new posts planned for the future and I hope you can join me at my new home.


Bra-spiration Monday


My theme this week is luxury fancifulness. Not your everyday bra. Note: I save these photos over months so while I do my best to attribute every photo sometimes I can’t remember where they came from.

Screenshot 2016-03-18 21.53.41

La Perla

Screenshot 2016-03-18 21.53.55

La Perla


Playful Promises


Playful Promises


Made by Nikki


Jean Paul Gaultier

Elastic to DYE for


I get a little giddy when I get new products in but this elastic is divine and worth of it’s own post. 3/8″ plush back finishing elastic with a picot edge. Feels soft like velvet and dyes to the core. When you dye elastic with a high nylon content like this along with our strap elastic, channeling and hook and eye closures everything will be matchy matchy. It’s 90% nylon 10% spandex. Comes directly from the mill made to order for Arte Crafts. How cool is that. 1/2″ in this new elastic will be in stock too. But until then our current stock of 1/2″ plush back elastic is on sale for 50%. It dyes also but not as well as this elastic so all stocks must go to make room for the new and improved.


Not sure how each elastic will dye? Message me I test everything before I sell it and can give you details of what to expect. The elastic on the top was dyed with RIT dye and is the same color throughout.


This is an example of one of my testing sessions. All elastics in this photo were dyed in the same dye batch under the same conditions. A high Nylon content is important. If you’ve ever dyed an elastic and it came out half the color you wanted while the other half stayed stubbornly white then you’ve encountered the pain a poly/nylon blend can cause. The bottom 4 consists of my white dyeable strap elastic, white dyeable channeling and the new picot elastic. I have now organized my shopify store so you can view all our dyeable notions in one section.