Watson Test Fit


Here’s my test fit Watson. Actually it’s already been washed once since I started wearing it as soon as I finished it. Zero attention to detail was paid in the construction as I was experimenting with a few things like using cover-stitch on the side seams and a new hook and eye technique which was a terrible fail as you can see and I will stick to my tried and true method that I published in a previous post.


I used up a mixture of colored elastics. The orange plush back finishing elastic is still available in my etsy store and the back closure was dyed from my white 3 hook wide closures that I also have for sale.

What do I think of Watson? Well I made the largest size 40D so it doesn’t provide much support for my breast but I also have to factor in I’ve just lost 60lbs so they are kind of empty. What I didn’t like about Watson was the way the cups fit into the cradle. It’s very messy and no seam treatment is recommended. There isn’t much room at the point where they meet. Most of the bras posted have this same problem. For this reason I would give it a B+


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